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How to be a better B2B seller on social networks?

3 min read

How to be a better B2B seller on social networks?

The exchange of supplies between companies is very common, since they provide what is necessary for the generation of products, such as raw materials and even services for business use. That's the kindof transaction that two companies carry out when maintaining a B2B business model.

These types of exchanges between companies require careful management and excellent planning to be profitable. Normally, these depend on administrative collaborators or commercial relations.

Now, for the selection of a prospect through social networks, the planning of different strategies must be considered to take the prospect of the social sale to the Marketing funnel. Using the same strategies for all buyer personas Three-step guide to building your buyer persona may lead to failure. That is why you must devise how to know those peculiar points that companies have so that yours has an action with precision.

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Table of Contents

1. What is the B2B business model?

2. What is the B2B customer buying process?

3. What is the B2B merchant sales process?

4. What is smarketing and how to take advantage of it?


1.What is the B2B business model?

The term B2B refers to a business model, in which exchanges of goods or provision of products occur between two companies, this means that they have a relationship of wholesale or retail trade. To make this concept clearer, it can be said that the B2B business model is one whose companies generate content on social networks to another, for example.

To have this kind of business between companies, you need a person who makes the connection between them, commonly called the seller, this plays an important role, since he must study the needs and interests of both companies to create short-term results. In other words, these executive salespeople handle higher productivity rates that make them stand out, this is because they must always be updated on topics of business interest, trends, and have constant training.

2. What is the B2B customer buying process?

It is also important to understand how the business customer purchasing process works. Thanks to the boom that social networks have had, customers make the purchase decision based on the information that they themselves decide to search for about products or services. Consequently, the need arises to know the behavior of these potential customers in the middle of the digital age, through social networks.

According to Forrester data, currently B2B buyers first list potential suppliers, which they found through digital content. For this, there are platforms that generate lists such as, TripAdvisor Business. The purpose of this is to consult on these platforms, the ratings and reviews of business providers.

It is worth mentioning that currently 92% of B2B buyers expressed that they are more likely to buy after reading a reliable review, according to a study by de Impact of Reviews on Buyers and Sellers. 

The following are some of the most used platforms by B2B clients to find their future suppliers:

G2 Crowd: On this website, comparisons can be made, it also collects opinions and evaluations from people who have beenusers of business programs, such as ERP, CRM, marketing automation software, among others.

Glassdoor: Through this website, it is allowed to observe opinions and evaluations about the companies on the part of its employees and former employees anonymously.

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After the search process, B2B customers contact the supplier and request a meeting with the seller, before this process no. Since you have a lot of information to process and analyze if it is the best option for your business.

3. What is the B2B merchant sales process?

When looking at the evolution that B2B customers have had, we must also assess whether sellers have taken new initiatives to strategize when searching for digital information. The traditional way of sellers was to visit potential customers, in order to conduct a general study on it.

Thanks to social networks, the seller also has access to a lot of information on social networks and that is where the concept of social selling takes center stage. Recommended article: 10 common problems of not applying Smarketing in your company.

Social selling allows the generation and conversion of leads, this is a process of prospecting for clients, managing the brand and adding value to potential clients. That is, it is a process to develop relationships for sales through social networks, such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

In summary, as a B2B seller you must know the following aspects:

•Have knowledge of the tools available on the internet.

•Manage the same social networks that your potential client uses.

•Use specialized tools for prospecting on social networks.

•Build a good digital personal brand that inspires confidence.

5. What is smarketing and how to take advantage of it?

Finally, the concept of smarketing is the procedure of integrating the sales and marketing processes of a company. The intention is that the sales and marketing functions have a common integrated approach. For this, solutions have been developed that are precisely specialized in these topics, such as HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Oracle Sales CX, SAP, Zoho, Pega, Infor and Sugar; and also with marketing automation systems, such as Marketing Cloud, Marketo and Engagio.


In this way, the teams involved in marketing and sales achieve a data synchronization of their potential customers. Like, for example, you can access the CRM and widely observe all the recorded data.In short, if you are a B2B seller, there is no excuse to be left behind. The constant change that sales have had due to the digital age has been for the benefit of all, so we encourage you to be the best B2B seller on social networks.

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