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4 min read

Automate accommodation reservations with Revenue Management

4 min read

Automate accommodation reservations with Revenue Management

We all love to vacation, getting rid of the routine of our daily tasks and visit a dream destination, however, the really important factor is how to get to said destination, how to reserve that hotel accommodation space easily, efficiently and quickly while still we are involved in our routines of work and personal activities, without consuming much valuable time.

This is where automation and Revenue Management come into play and how they help to generate an experience almost as pleasant to the client as if they were already on vacations, since a satisfactory and well- executed process is something highly valued today, in such hectic and chaotic times we live in, any management that is carried out in an agile way is well received, no user likes to incur in tedious processes, time is something very valuable and in the case of hotel reservations this has been a relevant factor between a potential client visiting us or a competitor, the reservation is the first contact we have with a potential lead, so from this point we must give a good and personalized experience to our users so that they do not incur in looking for another competitor hotel who provides an answer quicker.

Definition of Revenue Management

This process consists of finding the right timing to reach for a client, when it is prudent to sell to them, finding the right product, at the right time to contact them, in the right way, under the right channel and at the right price.

What this means is that we are using the Revenue Management tool to analyze when there is an ideal or perfect scenario for a client and in that window of opportunity to generate a sale, easy and digestible them, without him feeling suffocated through a tedious process and rather feel that you are being offered something that you really need, when you need it and at a cost that fits your budget.

Revenue Management within the scope of hotel reservations and accommodation

Within the hotel industry, the aforementioned windows of opportunity to generate sales are many and varied, there are many factors that can be categorized to awaken interest in a client at a precise moment, the agility and simplicity to book through the appropriate channel, annual dates that vacations, the amenities of a room and that these fit a family nucleus, couples or groups, the activities or tours offered by a location and the rates offered to mention a few examples.

All these factors and more that revolve around a hotel, should be considered to offer a potential visitor to a hotel in the most assertive way possible so that their experience of acquiring a lodging is as mentioned above almost as pleasant as vacationing, the idea is to generate processes and easy reservations that please our users.

Processes that can be automated to enhance and encourage increased bookings

Hotel perception analysis automation

The criteria, testimonial and opinion of a person who has already used a product or service always becomes a starting point for many customers when making a decision, seeing what experiences other users have had is always an excellent reference for a buyer . In the case of hotels, these comments are found on various channels, such as OTAS, other travel pages, social networks and others, therefore, it is always important to manage these opinions and highlight and bring to light, on these channels and through Metasearch engines the best comments that highlight your hotel and everything it offers.

Automation of reservation channels

Channels such as emails, digital forms or websites are great data collectors of information on the interests of a potential client and in turn efficient channels to provide vital information to them. When we are trying to offer accommodation to generate a reservation, it is important to channel as much data that generates interest to achieve a sale, for example, offer good rates, mention attributes of the hotel both in its attractiveness in infrastructure and in its environment , varied offers that fit different profiles of interest and any other attractive factor of the hotel.

Now when it comes to receiving information from these channels, it is also important to manage the same information that was received, so that at the time of future communications, implement what was learned, look for the moments and topics of preference to mold the contents to the client's taste and that When they receive information, be it the one they are looking for with all the characteristics of their liking, one must segment the data according to what has been learned from the behavior of the users.

Automation of news channels

Apart from collecting data through reservation channels, content such as blogs, newsletters or data of interest to the client can also be generated, to again try to know their tastes and rate them, if for example we generate content of activities that can be done in nature or on the beach, whatever goes according to our hotel, we can see how much interest the exposed topic covers and transform that interest into a tool to implement activities in our hotel on the topics that with the data collected we know will interest a large percentage of our visitors.

Once defining certain behaviors and patterns of interest, as we said, activities for our clients can be generated to their liking, but also with these materials we can offer these implementations to new niches and awaken the interest of new potential clients and in turn attach tools that capture the information of new users.

It should be noted in terms of automation, there are several additional routes to those mentioned, we do not stay in what is exposed in this blog, it is always good to study all the communication and sales processes of our hotel or other business and it is important to evaluate what processes can be automate.

In conclusion, Revenue Management helps to generate concise sales, efficiently, facilitates the reservation process and makes the experience very digestible, since the rate of data provided is according to the user and adapts to the times and expectations of the same. In theory, there should be no inconveniences that keep potential clients from choosing another accommodation over ours. We must add to this that automation makes Revenue Management possible since it is the strategy that generates paths that help build and capture the data that help us to know more and more about a client to be able to find the right doors to sell to them. a client in the most appropriate and successful way.




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