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What is a Buyer Persona?

When we look for strategies and tools for our business to use in sales and marketing, we may have several options, but we do not know which one to choose, which one to resort to, or which one is crucial to focus on the efforts and resources. In addition, we live in accelerated times, where we seek to go to the point and be efficient in providing a product or service to our customers; this is why buyer personas are so important in our companies. 


  • What is a Buyer Persona?
  • Benefits of the Buyer Persona
  • Buyer Persona classifications and profiles
  • Dynamic process

Buyer Persona

And what is a buyer persona? It is a fictional character (archetype) of your company's target audience, which reflects in detail the audience and, as a result, will be able to generate more targeted sales and marketing strategies. To perform this exercise, you need to have the help of statistical information, analysis, observation, and study of the audience. 

For example, let's suppose that the buyer persona is a story that we will write, capturing our customer's attention. It is essential to know the details of motivation and pain; thus, we position our story to be interesting and attractive to read. In this case, to acquire the product or service. 

Among the details to know about your customer are what they do, where they live, socioeconomic status, hobbies, what social networks they use, shopping habits and trends, and challenges, to name a few. 

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Benefits of having Buyer Personas in your company

The buyer persona allows you to know what the business needs to do to attract and retain potential customers and, consequently:

  • The material you should create
  • The material you should share
  • Where to focus the efforts
  • Where to improve and be at the forefront

This by studying the behaviors, trends, and patterns of that audience. 

Classifications and profiles

There are two classifications of Buyer Personas: B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to client). The first one focuses on companies, where those people need to solve the needs and problems of that company. The second focuses on the final consumer who makes the purchase for a specific purpose and thus solves a problem or needs they have. 

These classifications can be outlined as follows: 

  • Decision maker: decides whether to buy or not.  
  • Prescriber: recommends a product or service. 
  • Influencer: in their opinion, convinces positively or negatively the purchase.
  • Negative: not a customer, but you must know the non-target audience so as not to take that direction.

It is important not to confuse the buyer persona with the target market since the latter is broader and can be limited in age, where they live, and social class.  

Dynamic Process

This construction of buyer personas must be dynamic and adapt as our business evolves and grows, so it is not static. It should be considered in a schedule for periodic reviews and be an effective tool to guide us to meet the objectives. 

Below I show you in an infographic, the summary with the details and advantages of the buyer persona for your ease and review.

infography buyer persona

In this blog it is paramount to remember that the purpose of the buyer persona is to attract our customers, who I must delight with my products and / or services, when I must question my business. It is a way to understand more clearly my customers, how to address and relate to them resulting in a satisfactory response from them to our business. 

Understanding their dynamics, classifications and what advantages they can bring us, is the beginning to take into account the different buyer personas in our companies. We are ready to help and advise you on this topic. Contact us at our website www.imagineer.co

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