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Brand Awareness: making your brand memorable.

2 min read

Brand Awareness: making your brand memorable.

Probably if I ask you to think of a sporting goods brand, the answer is Nike, this is thanks to brand awareness, this is when consumers can recognize and remember a brand in a simple way and by various aspects related to it. 

These brands that manage to position themselves in the minds of consumers are because they manage to enter their lifestyle and buying habits which generates that people do not have doubts in buying a product of this brand. Brand awareness is important for successful businesses and here are some reasons why: 

  • Build trust: Generating trust around your brand is fundamental as it can help to make more purchases without thinking about it. Recognition undoubtedly generates that trust because it is not only about being identified, but also about the ideas that are generated around it, such as that it provides a certain status or the quality it possesses, among others. 
  • Create a connection with customers: when connections are created, the brand becomes more than just a product, but is transformed into elements that are associated with specific actions or situations. 
  • Give value to the brand: When people have positive experiences with the brand, it generates a positive brand value, the same happens if it is negative. In other words, these experiences are what build the general perception of the brand, which is why it is essential to seek to provide the best experiences for your customers. 

Now, how do we achieve that positioning in our brand and make it memorable for consumers and thus achieve our marketing goals. Here are four tips to make your brand memorable: 

  1. Unify your brand image: 
    Speak the same language in your speech as a company and in the visual aspect, generating a recognizableclear, and defined image will allow you to position yourself more easily in the minds of consumers, in addition to being consistent with your speech generates more confidence for people and as mentioned above more likely to convert. 
  2.  Socialise with your audience: 
    Human beings are social so interaction is important, that's why brands must connect with their customers beyond just talking to them when you want to sell to them, it is about interacting with your audience constantly and give them the value they are looking for through your brand. Posting things on social networks that are not necessarily about your product, generating dynamics such as asking questions, commenting on posts, or sharing content that is relevant to the brand, can help a lot to improve interaction with your audience.
  3. Tell a story:

    Storytelling is an incredibly good technique for marketing, either when promoting products or the brand, as it helps to generate a real connection with the public because it offers something real with which they can identify, you can humanize the brand. 

    Now, if you ask yourself what the story should be about, the answer is anything as long as it is honest, whether it is about the founder, how the idea of the brand was born, how it succeeded, among others. 

  4. Create easily shareable content:
    The generation of content is of utmost importance to position your brand and generate audience trust in it, as there is nothing that generates more credibility than talking about the market in which you operate. Furthermore, as Inbound Marketing tells us, this content generation helps us to stay in the minds of consumers by providing them with value, so that they then decide to buy from us. 

On the other hand, it is not enough just to create that content, we must also ensure that it will be easy to share, to achieve a greater reach, remember that word-of-mouth marketing is highly effective in generating trust among consumers. 

Brand Awareness should be a concept that we keep in mind and set as a goal for the brand, as it helps its image and is a great link to increase conversions. We hope that the following recommendations will help you to build Brand Awareness for your brand. 




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