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4 min read

Apple, innovation and example in user experience!

4 min read

Apple, innovation and example in user experience!

Part of the new era of technology is digitization, and in such a competitive market, whoever does not want to adapt to change runs a significant risk. 

It does not depend only on companies, but these are dragged by trends and the way consumers buy, which increasingly need greater ease to perform any transaction, and this includes entering a website, checking the news, their social networks, transacting a purchase quickly and quickly, and user-friendly products or services that provide a formidable experience.

This digitalization has led companies like "Apple" not only to sell technological products, but the purchase of an item involves a whole experience for the user.

Apple's line of products is recognized for its high quality. And indeed, they are a bit more expensive than their competitors. Still, the public is willing to pay a higher amount if they know that they will receive a good asset, which will work without problems and last longer than others; focusing a lot on the product and its design, as they are beautiful and effortless to use.

Read below:

  1. Differences that can identify in the sales strategy.
  2. Efforts that make users so loyal to the brand.

Apple does not bet on beating other brands by sticking to the price variable. Steve Jobs believed that if you sell a good product, people will pay the price commensurate with that quality. It is not about being the most expensive just for status, but because the user takes home a superior product. Undoubtedly, quality is a powerful feature that attracts the most demanding customers.



Differences can identify in Apple's sales strategy

  • Integrability among its products:
Apple has different product lines that, in turn, the user can integrate because of the platforms it makes available to the consumer. Apple products that only work with each other, noticeable even in the chargers used by the devices, are entirely different from other brands on the market.

This almost complete compatibility generally influences users to buy all their devices from this brand. For some, it's a bit of a cheating strategy, but for others, it's a smart way to get customers to stick with the brand once they've bought their first product.

  • Exclusive stores:
With dedicated stores for its products in many parts of the world, Apple differentiates itself from other brands, as in each store, the user can try its products, while other brands do not have their physical stores.

  • Creative launch or advertising campaigns:
Apple has focused more on design and innovative facts that mark a before and after, and is that an obvious example is what it did in its first ad in 1984, which represents a significant innovation with the message: "On January 24, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you resolve to see why 1984 will not be like 1984".

  • Concrete identity is reflected in everything:
When we look at Apple products, we see they are very similar in design and function, and even the packaging is very distinctive to the brand. This level of coherence and brand identity has become a very significant characteristic of this company, above other technology brands that do not manage to reflect such an exclusive style.

The user who understands this unique philosophy is aware that everything that has to do with Apple conveys the same sensations, emotions, and values and is attracted to manage the purchase of any brand product. If we pay attention, every Apple product has the same characteristics: good design, simplicity, functionality, ease, and speed of use. This philosophy is not only reminisced in the products but also in how customer service, warranties, the website, and, as mentioned before, even the points of sale are developed.

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When we talk about customer experience, and we give an example of Apple, it is not only about the design of mobile devices or pads, but each of the music applications, games, and others that the brand has created to meet the need of users and make them have a satisfactory experience with the brand, such as:

Apple fitness + Apple news + Apple maps + Apple TV + Apple Arcade + App Store.

What they show us is that it is a brand that has the user at its core, the center of everything, and putting the user at the center of everything implies constantly questioning what he would think, what he would do, and how he would see it, what works best for him, what is more convenient, and how can we improve what is already done to make him feel even more satisfied?



When the customer realizes that he is the most important thing and that all efforts revolve around him, he becomes a loyal buyer who defends the brand and prefers it over other similar brands, and there are thousands or millions of users who are dedicated to this brand; but what are those efforts that make users so loyal to the brand?

What are those efforts that make users so loyal to the brand?

Showing that you are necessary for people's lives:

The reality is that people don't need the new iPhone, but they think they do, either because of a sense of social belonging, being a big fan of Apple's technology, or for any other reason that leads them to purchase the item.

Get people talking about the brand:

Consumers need to talk about your brand, not just your products. A great way to do this is by hooking your brand into some social cause or posting content that generates engagement.

Create a positive image:

Use marketing strategies that don't just target product sales. A practical and accessible way to do this is to show yourself as a specialist in your niche through content marketing.

Don't be afraid to innovate:

>> Do something that competitors want to copy! <<

Following the lead of great companies is a great way to develop strategies for your business. Apple has done amazing things in innovation and with the concept of user experience and is an example for many in this area.

Suppose you want to learn more about improving your customer's experience at every touch point with your company. In that case, you can contact a consultant at Imagineer, experts in building and supporting companies in this process.


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