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2 min read

What is Tech Stack? +10 examples from top brands

2 min read

What is Tech Stack? +10 examples from top brands

In the exciting world of technology, the term "Tech Stack" has become a fundamental element in software development. But, what does it really mean? In this blog, we will explore the concept of Tech Stack, answer the essential question about its meaning, and present ten prominent examples covering different technologies and programming languages.

What is a Tech Stack?

Before delving into specific examples, it is crucial to understand what the term "Tech Stack" exactly implies. In simple terms, a Tech Stack, or Technology Stack, refers to the combination of technologies and tools used to build and run an application. This combination can span from the server side to the client side, involving databases, servers, frameworks, and libraries.

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An efficient Tech Stack is selected based on project goals, performance requirements, and the preferences of the development team. Now, let's explore some specific examples to illustrate this concept.

Examples of Tech Stacks:

LAMP Stack:

  • Linux (operating system)
  • Apache (web server)
  • MySQL (database)
  • PHP (programming language)

LAMP is a classic stack used for web development. It is particularly known for being open source and flexible.

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MEAN Stack:

  • MongoDB (NoSQL database)
  • Express.js (web application framework)
  • Angular (frontend development framework)
  • Node.js (JavaScript runtime environment)

    MEAN is a complete JavaScript stack, from server-side to client-side. It is used to build scalable and single-page web applications.

MERN Stack:

  • MongoDB (NoSQL database)
  • Express.js (web application framework)
  • React (frontend development library)
  • Node.js (JavaScript runtime environment)

Similar to MEAN, but with React instead of Angular, MERN is another popular JavaScript stack for modern web development.

Ruby on Rails:

Ruby (programming language

Rails (web framework)

Known for its elegance and simplicity, Ruby on Rails is a framework that follows the convention over configuration principle, speeding up web development.

.NET Stack:

  • .NET (development framework)
  • May include C# as the programming language

Developed by Microsoft, .NET is a versatile framework used to build web, mobile, and desktop applications.

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  • Python (programming language)
  • Django (web framework)

Django is a high-level framework for Python, known for its "batteries included" approach, offering integrated tools and functionalities.


Dart (programming language)

Flutter (mobile application development framework)

Developed by Google, Flutter is used to build mobile applications with a single codebase for iOS and Android.

React Native:

JavaScript (programming language)

React Native (mobile application development framework)

Based on React, React Native allows building mobile applications using native UI components.

Java Enterprise Edition:

Java (programming language)

Java EE platform for enterprise applications

Designed for scalable and secure enterprise applications, Java EE provides a wide range of services for business development.

Vue.js Stack:

Vue.js (frontend development framework)

May be combined with Node.js and Express.js

Vue.js is a progressive framework for building user interfaces, known for its ease of integration and gradual learning.

In conclusion, the choice of the Tech Stack is crucial for the success of any software development project. Each of the mentioned examples represents a unique combination of technologies designed to address specific needs. By understanding these Tech Stacks, developers can make informed decisions that drive efficiency and effectiveness in modern application development. Ultimately, the Tech Stack is more than just a selection of tools; it is the technological backbone that brings our digital innovations to life.

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