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4 min read

Benefits of having your corporate blog on HubSpot

4 min read

Benefits of having your corporate blog on HubSpot

Blogging is used to nurture your audience with valuable content, but also to attract people to your website. It is also a fundamental part of Inbound Marketing. We explain this and more in this blog.

Once a blog is implemented and contains different publications, How do we generate reports see conversion rates, clicks and even track those customers? 
These options are provided by a CRM like HubSpot.

In this blog we will talk about the following points:

  • What is a blog?
  • Benefits of blogging for your business
  • What does HubSpot's blogging tool allow?
  • Advantages of implementing a corporate blog in HubSpot

First let's talk about what a blog is

This is a publication of text, images, may contain videos, downloadables, among others. It has a basic structure of introduction, development and conclusion and its purpose is to inform those who read it.

The idea of having a blog is to create content so that your company's audience will want to read it and also share it. Through this publication, you can inform and educate people, in other words, nurture users so that they can become Leads. This in combination with the right marketing strategy. 

In the Ultimate Guide: 10 steps to create a blog that delight you can learn more about the construction of a blog and its characteristics.

corporate blog

Benefits of writing blogs for your company

  • Blogs increase the probabilities that your page appears in search engines, this is because they attach the content by  keywords and have links that redirect to other pages, these can be pages of your company or others.
  • Each publication means a new page for your company's website and this increases the probabilities of achieving search results, it also makes more people read and share this content. This increases your company's search ranking.

    >>What is a blog and why you should have one?<<

  • Another important benefit of having a blog is that you can share content with your leads depending on the stage of the cycle they are in. For example, if they are in the Discovery stage you can inform them of the benefits of your product or service, if they are in Consideration you can share with them a bit of why your company would be the right one to get the product and if they are in Decision stage you can share with them the benefits of your product or service, if they are in Consideration you can share with them a bit of why your company would be the right once they get the product.
  • You can use social networks, which is usually the first thing a company acquires to make itself known, to share publications and users to visit your page, this means that social networks help to bring traffic to your network.
  • By nurturing users you can go from converting people who visit your page not often, to leads, this means that you can generate customers through blog posts.
  • A large percentage of views to company websites come from search engines, social networks or links from other sites, so if you have a good UX, you are going to get excellent results.
  • In addition, a very important aspect of blogging is that it helps to create customer loyalty, it helps the company to maintain a relationship with customers, they can recommend publications to others and even attract more leads for your business.
  • Every time you publish a blog, you will have more pages that attract people to your website. Even if they have been published for many years, they will continue to attract users.
  • This will help your SEO and, as a consequence, the ROI.
  • Finally, blogs generate trust towards your company and, consequently, sales opportunities.


What does Hubspot's blogging tool allow?

First, let's talk about what Hubspot is.

  • This is a software in which you can connect your company's teams, with your customers and other platforms, this way Hubspot works as the CRM when you make that connection.
  • Hubspot CRM has the great feature where you can have all in one, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales and Operations tools.

    >>CRM: The ideal platform for customer management<<

  • HubSpot is the ideal channel to grow your data, where you collect information from your audience and you can start analyzing this data to create targeted marketing campaigns as well as special content.
  • You can also use Call to Action in each publication with which you can get the information of your users and pass them to different lists depending on certain characteristics they have in common so you can start to nurture them directly.
  • From Hubspot you can create the blog, add images, videos, tables, links, anchors.
  • For blogs, in Hubspot you can use a template so that they all have the same type of format, so it will create consistency for your brand.
  • In addition, with different services offered by Hubspot you can have omnichannel, from there you can make the publications of social networks and your website, you can also see the statistics of clicks, times opened, which countries or places see more of your blogs, you can implement marketing strategies with this information.
  • This is an easy to use tool, where you can constantly improve the user experience, it also tells you how to improve your SEO, you can see your reach, among others.
  • You can keep the data of your contacts, which you get by a CTA, which redirects the user to a downloadable, which writes its data to acquire that document. In addition, you can keep these lists of people in order, give them a score or Lead Score, and continue to implement the nutrition of Leads through other marketing strategies.
coporate blog

Advantages of implementing a corporate blog on HubSpot

Como indiqué en diferentes puntos anteriores, tener el blog en HubSpot es una ventaja porque puedes indexar el contenido con otras publicaciones, estén dentro o fuera de tu sitio web, esto hace que aumente el tráfico hacia tu página. Una vez que tengas varias publicaciones puedes ver las estadísticas de tu audiencia por lo que la puedes llegar a conocer y de esta manera puedes mejorar tus estrategias para atraer a las personas correctas. 

HubSpot allows you to create blogs on a platform in an easy way, with the use of templates so that the entire page carries the same design line, can be shared by this tool to different media such as the website and social networks, creating omnichannel.  You can obtain information from users, and make these data lists to convert them into Leads, continue to nurture them and make them customers.

In addition, the CRM allows you to visualize SEO strategies, as it shows what is currently working to attract traffic to the web and also shows the improvements that need to be made so that each time that traffic is greater. 

Hubspot is a very powerful tool, it has benefits in all aspects of our company, from lead capture, automation, customer service, to the marketing and sales area. So having your blog in this CRM is a plus and as mentioned above, you would have omnichannel and ease of use for your employees.

I invite you to learn more about this tool, including scheduling a meeting with us to advise you.



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