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3 min read

7 Tactics that will Boost your Account-Based Marketing Process

3 min read

7 Tactics that will Boost your Account-Based Marketing Process

You've probably heard of Inbound Marketing, a non-invasive approach that focuses on attracting the right customers through quality content rather than bombarding the general audience with intrusive advertising like traditional outbound marketing. This methodology focuses its efforts on establishing contact with users in the early stages of the purchase, making the purchase effective, until customer loyalty is achieved.

On the other hand, Account Based Marketing (ABM), uses tactics within the marketing methodology that are the result of the evolution of Inbound Marketing, which are precise to capture customers.

Now that you know the difference between the two concepts, I invite you to learn about the tactics that we can implement to boost our marketing processes through account-based marketing.


  • How does Account-Based Marketing Process work?
  • How to attract more customers to your business with these 7 effective strategies.


How does Account-Based Marketing Process work?

Normally, marketing campaigns in general focus on attracting a large number of leads to convert them into customers, ABM works the other way around. It consists of attracting attention and carrying out specific strategies or campaigns aimed at those you want to convert into customers.

ABM or account-based marketing is a strategic tactic employed by B2B companies to impact specific business accounts. That is, instead of focusing sales and marketing strategies on a large group of companies, your message is precisely targeted to an individual account. Learn the basics of launching a successful strategy:

Identify accounts

Have your marketing and sales team work together to create a common perspective on the ideal buyer persona profile. This process includes sorting through customer profiles to determine preferred targets, while eliminating unsuitable and unprofitable accounts.

Target and Attract

Omni-channel marketing takes into account all behaviours to keep sending personalised and valuable messages to the audience, with the help of content generation and a CRM, your strategy is ready to engage customers. We recommend to create content for every stage of your customers' buying process.


Well-targeted content generally generates traffic to the website. That is why it is essential that landing pages and the website in general are optimised to increase engagement, offer personalised content and generate conversions.


To convert an anonymous lead into a contact, the content must be appropriate and engaging enough to deliver it at the right time, improve conversion and account targeting.

Measure and optimise

At all times it is appropriate to measure the impact our marketing efforts are having. Measuring, applying learning, optimising and repeating this cycle to optimise the shopper experience and remove obstacles is the right way to drive a marketing strategy.



How to attract more customers to your business with 7 effective strategies.

It is likely that when thinking that you think that, when investing in digital marketing, you need a big budget, while considering that it is better to make internal adjustments and outsource to a skilled marketing team.


We show you with the following 7 tactics how to boost your business and get results:

1. Corporate blog

The generation of content through blogs is the focus of the Inbound methodology, it is the way to attract and retain customers today. From this perspective, the importance of generating value through content is relevant to buyer personas and even better, the implementation cost is zero.

2. Email List

Sending email marketing is still a powerful channel for nurturing and engaging an audience, which is leveraged with the right list for lead generation.

3. Loyalty program

Offer your customers real benefits that will help you build customer loyalty. That is, create a loyalty program where your customers get discount coupons for example and are part of an attraction strategy at the same time.

4. Interactive landing pages

The Internet browsing experience for users is vital, create moments of personalized information consumption and gain their attention through interactive content, such as: Landing pages, ebooks, infographics, calculators, among others.

With each interaction the user makes, he leaves a trace containing highly qualified information about his behavior. From the analysis of this data, the commercial team can select the proposal approach that is most compatible with the problem or need that the prospect indicated by participating in the interactive page.

This is how a much more pleasant shopping experience is promoted, by presenting relevant information to the consumer and in an unusual format.

5. Commercial collaborations

Commercial collaborations are very useful to increase the exposure of two partners and even generate sales opportunities. In addition to obtaining a low cost, a partnership with large companies, which have the budget to invest in marketing and are authorities in their market segments, a co-marketing strategy is obtained.

6. Events

Have your business participate in trade shows and professional events. It is recommended to be part of them as a speaker or interviewed to generate more buzz within your industry.

If there are no events of this type, encourage and create one to strengthen your brand, take advantage of the virtuality that brought us the pandemic and make webinars your ally to create online events.

7. Develop targeted offers for potential customers

One of the keys to account-based marketing is relevance and personalization. It is common for there to be a small number of target accounts in an account-based marketing program, so campaigns and offers must generate high conversion rates.

After reading this blog on how to boost your ABM process, we hope that the secret of how to use low-cost tactics will be useful and you will be able to choose the right one and execute it in the best way. As a last recommendation, it is important to invest in long term tactics, because with time you can notice the results and make them effective for a longer period of time.

Would you like to learn more about Account Based Marketing and the revenue predictability strategy your brand needs?





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