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2 min read

10 common problems of not applying Smarketing in your company

2 min read

10 common problems of not applying Smarketing in your company

Have you ever wondered why your inbound marketing efforts are not reflected in your sales? Here is a list of symptoms that occur in organizations that suggest a misalignment between marketing and sales. Do you recognize some of them?

 1. Do you have problems with information that make it difficult for you to make decisions?

In order to make strategic decisions regarding the value proposition, you must have the correct information, at the correct time and in the correct place.

 2. Can't you personify your customer segments as “buyer personas”?

With the correct customer segmentation, you can customize the level of treatment that you give to each of your customers, what you offer to each of them, and better control the resources you allocate to add value and thus be able to sell you more and better.

 3. You have no idea how satisfied your customers are?

It is almost impossible to determine the ROI (return on investment) of customer-related projects if you do not have objective measurements of the level of customer satisfaction. Remember a new customer is 10 times more expensive than selling to an existing one!

 4. Is it not known why they buy from us or they stopped buying from us?

Investments are made to increase customer loyalty, but we cannot relate efforts to income as the reasons for successes or failures are not known.

5. Do you have complaints from customers that they ask you for the same information repeatedly?

Nowadays, it is not only the seller who interacts with the customer, but also the administrative area, marketing, customer service, distribution, etc. and each one handles customer information differently and many times in different systems, which causes a leak of customer information, which could be key to a better understanding of it.

 6. Is it not possible for you to know which clients are profitable and which are not?

This is a problem, since it is necessary to know which clients are profitable to retain them and who are not in order to "fire" them and not spend our resources on unprofitable clients.

 7. Do you feel that you do not have a process to attract new customers?

To attract and qualify new customers requires a base of objective criteria to reach potential customers and not waste resources reaching the wrong customer segments.

 8. Do you lose business opportunities because 'nobody follows them?

Nothing causes more stress than investing a lot of resources in a client or opportunity and then finding out that you bought from our competition because you did not follow up properly.

 9. Is the sales forecast based on subjective information?

In order to successfully plan the resources, it is necessary to foresee which businesses are going to be closing on which dates, how each quarter of the year will be closing and the approximate amount to be billed.

 10. Is it not possible for you to measure the return on Marketing campaigns?

The first step to be able to measure the results of a marketing campaign is to know how much the campaign cost us. Then you must measure the businesses and what was sold thanks to the campaign to determine whether it was successful or not.


Keep in mind that for several people to work together the most important thing is to foster a culture of trust and collaboration.

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