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3 min read

How to audit your business SEO?

3 min read

How to audit your business SEO?

Have you considered the importance of the performance of your website?

Let's start with the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its periodic audits, which often seem to have little impact at first glance but is increasingly relevant and indispensable in today's digital marketing world.

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In this blog article, we explain the more general definition of SEO to the more specific tools and steps to be followed to obtain successful audits. In addition, tips are essential to consider before, during, and after each audit.

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This article will cover the following topics:

Definition of SEO audit

The SEO audit detects problems that cause the website to rank poorly in search engines. To know about an SEO audit is essential to know that it is made up of several parts, as shown below:

  • Make sure your site is crawled, indexed, and processed correctly by Google.
  • Check if your website has on-page SEO issues.
  • Examine your off-page SEO for potential problems on other sites that relate or link to your site.
  • Check that your site has a good user experience (for mobile and desktop users).
  • Optimizing your content for keywords.
  • Reviewing your site for duplicate or scarce content.
  • Setting up and maintaining comprehensive reports to track your website's performance.

SEO encompasses many action areas, making it seem incredibly complex. However, this blog addresses simple steps to achieve it. Also, the SEO audit can be sectioned into categories if the website is extensive.

seo técnico

Types of SEO audits

Content SEO audit

It consists of analyzing the content the different pages have, intending to improve the accuracy, frequency, and quality so that the traffic increases. This audit also includes identifying opportunities to optimize the featured snippets of the website and their ranking.

On-page SEO audit

Direct on-page SEO analyzes each of the backend elements of the site to determine how well they are optimized and how they influence search engine results. Also, this includes optimizing meta titles, meta descriptions, image compression, alternative texts, and other elements of the pages.

Off-page SEO

Although it may seem that this does not concern the company that owns the page for which the SEO is done, this audit plays a leading role because many customers reach the desired page through other carriers. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze those pages that connect to our page so that these links' quantity, quality, distribution, and frequency are ideal.

Technical SEO audit

This type of audit is mainly based on the optimization of the images used to improve performance metrics such as the speed and security of the website. This audit identifies opportunities to eliminate, correct, and reorganize the code, prevent spam, and change from HTTP to HTTPS, among other things.

Local SEO Audit

Local SEO is a smaller type of audit because it only focuses on local search and therefore involves few practices. Still, it also connects with SEO and should be considered within the executed audits.


Tools to perform SEO

It is important to note that only some tools are required to perform a successful SEO audit. There are five main tools, which are detailed below:

-Semrush Site Audit Tool: It is possible to visualize the site's performance from top to bottom completely.

-Google Analytics: With Google Analytics, it is possible to visualize specific metrics and performance data regarding the site on your search engine.

-Google Search Console: Google Search Console provides the opportunity to see if the website is indexed correctly and how it appears in the SERPs.

-Google Page Speed Insights: With Page Speed Insights, you can measure the site's page performance, specifically for mobile and desktop platforms.

-Google Schema Markup Testing Tool: This tool can ensure that the code is created correctly without errors. In addition, when working on schemas, the Google Schema Markup Testing tool allows you to test and verify that it is error-free.


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seo contenido


SEO Audit Checklist

Once you have understood both the types of SEO audits and also the tools, it is time to see what steps to follow to do it correctly:

  • Identify link-building opportunities
  • Find possible improvements in the information architecture
  • Find (and fix) weak content
  • Identity (and remove) duplicate content
  • Look for keyword optimization
  • Optimize metadata
  • Identify page update opportunities
  • Perform page speed analysis
  • Search for site errors
  • Switch from HTTP to HTTPS

To achieve successful audits, you must first analyze the website to be audited to know whether or not it should be sectioned.

Then, the order of the steps must be followed so that all of them are performed correctly, and the appropriate tools must be used according to each case.

Finally, the audits must be carried out regularly. This recurrence varies according to the number of problems reported by the website analysis tools, so care must be taken with this detail to make the audits worthwhile.


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