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5 min read

Best success stories of companies with UX/UI strategies

5 min read

Best success stories of companies with UX/UI strategies

You've probably asked yourself: What do companies do to achieve successful results through their platforms?

Here we explain how they have done it, and you can learn from their strategies so you can apply them in your company and grow as much as they do.

Before learning about success stories, it is essential to be clear about the definition of user experience (UX). The user experience is the sensory and emotional experience that the user experiences when interacting with a product (physical or digital) or with a service.

>>What is User Experience (UX), and what is it for?<<

The UX is essential for a company through usability to impact its visitors positively. Therefore, there is more visitor traffic, conversion rate, bounce rate, loyalty, and even recommendation to others who may become users of the product or platform. The UX has taken much more strength in companies that have adapted to the digital transformation and continuously seek to grow in innovation. This article is ideal to check the best success stories and the great results of applying UX/UI strategies.

Do not stop reading and learn about the best user experience and user interface success stories!

If you still have doubts about what user experience is, do not hesitate to consult the following article:

This blog will address the topics shown below:


UX/UI strategy success stories on websites
Companies that have implemented these strategies have achieved improvements in the:

  • Increased sales
  • Development of customer loyalty
  • Faster and more economic development of their processes
  • Reduced documentation and training costs


One of the biggest success stories is that of the leading Inbound Marketing company. Hubspot started with a website not designed to handle many requests and tasks; therefore, growing considerably, it gave way to redesigning the website focused on users' needs. For this redesign, the company relied on the Lean UX methodology once the users had been deeply analyzed.

The applied methodology consists of 3 steps:

  • Build
  • Measure
  • Learn
Lean UX allows creation of products and services centered on the user to reduce the errors that users can make and thus increase the speed of production processes. In addition, with this methodology, it is possible to shorten the work time, satisfy users and ensure that the company's results are positive to ensure the website's stability and thus increase sales.


This company provides users with accommodation options in houses, apartments, and cabins. All this is for short periods and covers many cities worldwide. It is important to mention that Airbnb has become the preferred site for young vacationers who require accommodation.

The company has grown so much that it covers more than 190 countries and allows renting properties quickly and instantly.
Thanks to the UX/UI redesign they executed, their current interface is simple and functional; therefore, users can satisfy their needs without complications.
This improvement was made in 2017, and with the passing of time, it has been steadily growing until today. It should be noted that this company decided to invest time and money in UX/UI even though it does not have a strong competitor.

>>UX: a lever that drives the entire sales cycle<<

Airbnb is part of the success stories because, at some point, it was about to fail, and thanks to these improvements, it managed to get up and be as strong as it is until today.


Spotify                                                                                                                                                                                            The virtue We know that this platform allows users to listen to music who are lovers of this art to; however, let's see how it was born and the great evolution it has had to the point of being a great success story.

A computer and music lover named Daniel Ek, in 2008, decided to create the platform and gave a total turn to the music business. Spotify has had a great impact worldwide in recent years. It currently has more than one hundred million users, of which 50% opt for the Premium plan, and this is how the company has high profitability of the brand in the music business.

As part of the improvements with UX/UI strategies they have implemented, they have focused on making it easy to use for any user while offering an almost incalculable amount of music content, radio, and podcast. The platform has been so well designed and optimized that both the desktop and mobile versions meet users' needs, and users show the same attraction and appreciation for both channels. In addition, the platform has a simple interface despite having a large amount of content within itself.

Spotify is remarkable; not even the major streaming powers have been able to surpass it. Among the competitors are Apple Music, Youtube Music, and Amazon Music.
The UX strategy is very well defined, and part of this is a couple of features that the platform offers that make it stand out from its competitors.

The first feature is Personalization, which allows the user to choose their favorite artists and genres at the time of registration so that the platform then offers updated playlists according to their tastes. This is how they connect with the user and provide a unique experience.

The second feature is the personalized playlist, which the user chooses according to their tastes, names it, and can edit it whenever they want. Spotify then provides suggestions to the user based on the songs they have added to the playlist.


Trello                                                                                                                                                                                                                  This company created a platform where users can organize their tasks virtually and collaboratively; however, it was not until 2017 that it had spectacular growth due to large companies and freelancers worldwide implementing it as a tool for daily use.

Trello is free and, at the same time, compact; these two qualities are the main added values and are part of the platform's UX strategy. The company that created this platform has invested time, resources, and work in making it visually simple, as much as possible, to the point that the user learns to use it from the first contact because everything goes straight to the point that the user wants to achieve. In addition to the simple visualization and interpretation, the interaction is also simple; for example, to indicate that a task has already been executed, it is only necessary to drag it to the section of executed tasks, and that's it.


Amazon                                                                                                                                                                                        In recent times this company has become a great company thanks to its UX strategies. Amazon provides an accessible and functional web app that satisfies users' need to buy items and receive them at the door of their homes.

Among the relevant features of its platforms are the search engine, one-click shopping, and the customization it allows. This makes Amazon one of the top e-commerce leaders.

>>5 tips to sell on Amazon<<

Amazon focuses its user experience efforts in a comprehensive way, not only in the interface but also in functionality and usability, and thanks to this, it has managed to take advantage of the competition that often focuses on a visually attractive platform, but that does not work completely or that is not optimized, for example in the speed of loading content or response time at the time of payment of the products.

Many may say at first glance that the effort in UX has not been enough; however, the numbers recorded by Amazon in its sales prove otherwise, and that is why it is part of the success stories of companies that, in one way or another, have implemented continuous improvements in UX/UI strategies.

Undoubtedly, as time goes by, many more companies will become aware of the impact these strategies have on business growth and, above all, on the advantage taken from the competition and all that this triggers in terms of the link generated between the platforms and the users. Learn how to improve the UX on websites below:                                                                                                          

<<How to improve the user experience on websites?>>

The companies we have seen are part of the success stories thanks to their effective UX/UI strategies. It lies primarily in focusing all efforts on the end user to provide the best experience. For example, through ease of use, they have increased customer satisfaction, user retention, and, ultimately, business success. In short, any company looking to improve its online presence should consider implementing an effective and continuous UX/UI strategy that, in the short term, will bring completely different results than those obtained without one of these strategies.

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