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Create an inbound marketing strategy on social media: 4 step guide

2 min read

Create an inbound marketing strategy on social media: 4 step guide

Currently, social networks are the best tool for planning and creating sales strategies, since they have a lot of potential for your business. That is why, also through them, you will achieve increased communication to reach your buyer person and interact with them. Recommended article: Buyer Persona: Key to the success of your commercial strategy 

But how does an Inbound Marketing strategy work specifically on social networks? You can say that this strategy is the path by which customers will reach your products and services when they are ready. That is, it consists of creating experiences for your prospects through a journey, which begins with attracting the prospect through content seen on your website, once there, the prospect's interaction with your brand begins through conversion tools. And finally, you delight them with advice and understanding of their needs. 

Table of contents: 

  • Importance of strategy in social networks 
  • steps to create an Inbound Marketing strategy in social networks 

Before you must readTraditional Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing  

Importance of strategy in social network 

It is no secret to anyone that content is the engine of social networks, but it must have adequate planning: objectives, defined audience, tactics, etc. And it is that all the content that is generated through these platforms has a purpose and here is its importance in the middle of an Inbound strategy. 

As explained above, the Inbound Marketing methodology has a stage of attracting the prospect and this is where the role of social networks comes in, that attraction is generated through content that provides information to people without being intrusive, that is, without trying to sell you a product or service. 

Then, still through social networks, customer interaction is achieved through conversions, which generate relevant data that is sent to the CRM. This data is optimized to continue generating content either to the same client or to your buyer persona. It may interest you: What is CRM and what is it for? 

4 steps to create an Inbound Marketing strategy in social networks 

  1. Definition of objectives (SMART): Part of the strategy is to be aware of what your brand needs. To meet SMART goals, they must be initials of this abbreviation, for example: they must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. This helps measure how realistic your goal is with respect to the strategy under development.
  2. Creation of your buyer person: This is a critical step of your strategy, the creation of the buyer person is basically to know your audience through a semi-fictional character, which will represent your ideal client, through behaviors, motivations and real data that will give a greater boom to the content. In addition, it should be mentioned that it is through the buyer persona that the phases of the sales funnel in which it is located can be identified, thanks to this it is possible to determine what type of content to offer and the tactics to carry out.
  3. Select the correct social networks: it is important to know which are the platforms that your buyer personas use the most, since through this means contact and interaction conversions arise. Such selection is a way to better invest resources to obtain better results. To define a digital strategy or content generation, it must be based on the particularity of each social network and adapt it for each of them.
  4. Analysis of the results: The optimization of the data collected through CRM must be constant, it is the main motivation to improve performance and content for your audience. Periodically measure the results through follow-up reports and make data comparisons, this will help the development of better future strategies. 

Social networks are here to stay and we must take advantage of it for our business, and what better way than to implement these platforms with Inbound Marketing strategies, which generate better results and are much more tangible. 

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