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4 min read

Creating effective Inbound Marketing campaigns for B2B companies

4 min read

Creating effective Inbound Marketing campaigns for B2B companies

Already for some years, the method in which people communicate and consume information has undergone dramatic changes, the amount of advertising and seeing messages from brands everywhere have transformed consumers into effective people in ignoring any information or marketing that have not asked to receive, therefore, the traditional tools used by B2B marketers have slowly fallen out of favor. 

All this can obviously seem like a nightmare; however, we can also see it as an opportunity to grow in the digital world and learn from our buyers. The opportunity to avoid costly tactics that our customers hate and that no longer work and not even allow us to determine an ROI, and most of all the opportunity to adopt a new marketing philosophy that will drive you and your company to new heights of success. 

Table of Contents 

Inbound marketing is a methodology that adapts like a glove to the needs and challenges
of these B2B companies, this methodology seeks to solve the needs of our clients and in turn build trust towards our product or service. Within inbound marketing strategies. More effective B2B, we can highlight email marketing, SEO, social networks and marketing contents. In this article we are going to see how to choose the best one for your brand and apply it successfully.

The differential aspects of B2B marketing 

It is evident that a B2B marketing strategy is very different from a B2C one, while the first focuses on professional profiles within a company, the other focuses on the end customer, therefore, the needs of said company will not be the same as those of consumers since in the first case their purchase decision is focused on meeting an objective within the organization, these could be, for example, profitability and productivity. Generally, a company acquires a product or service to function better, be more efficient and subsequently obtain a return on it. 

Another quite notable difference is the ease with which we can communicate, it is easier to get an advertisement to a final consumer than to this person who is part of that business, this because they belong to a much smaller and more segmented niche. 

Finally, the buying process for these people is much more complex, since they go through many stages before deciding to make the purchase, and many times this decision does not even depend on them, therefore, the process could take many weeks or months . 

Strategies to improve your B2B marketing 

1. Strengthen your company identity

Companies are more willing to acquire products or services from suppliers with whom they feel identified in values ​​and in the way they are represented. So how can you strengthen your corporate image? These are some actions you can take. 

  • Define the values ​​of your company in a clear and impactful way, work on your value proposition and explain what your company is like and what you can contribute. 
  • Organize and participate in solidarity events. 
  • Work on a plan with your company's human resources and occupational health team to improve the working conditions and reconciliation of family / personal and professional life for your employees, intrinsically making them become brand ambassadors. 
  • Promote and communicate these actions appropriately, ideally, they should appear in digital media and if possible, in traditional media as well. 

2. Maximize your online presence 

An effective Inbound Marketing strategy is directly related to the efforts we are making online. To achieve this point, we will explain 3 factors that in the Sales Force study called State of Marketing have been scored with more than 90% effectiveness: 

  • Carry out a content marketing or Inbound Marketing strategy: The content allows, among other things, to communicate to the client the benefits of using the services or products of your company, as well as helping to solve problems and to have more confidence in your organization. 
  • Create your website or B2B eCommerce B2B eCommerce and don't forget the blog: The quality content that helps buyers understand what their problem is and how to solve it, will give your company a competitive advantage over others in the industry. The website will also be the place where you can collect the information of your contacts to continue nurturing them in the conversion process. 
  • Take care of your SEO and create SEM campaigns: The creation of content, apart from generating trust in our buyers, allows you to improve SEO. When we create pieces of content we are telling search engines that we are present and active, in this way when Google does its review and sees that we are producing content of value for people, it will position us organically in the first search queries. In the case of SEM, do not forget that search engines will need some time to start indexing this content, therefore, we must leave a defined budget to pay guidelines in the appropriate channels according to our Buyer Persona, and in this way you can show everything you have created to those who interest you. 

3. Create a strong database that can nurture 

In 2017, The Economist published a story titled: "The World’s Most Valuable Resource Is No Longer Oil, It’s Data The World's Most Valuable Resource Is No Longer Oil, It's Data." And we strongly agree, thanks to information such as the email of your prospects, you will be able to follow up and send them personalized offers and all kinds of information and content at the right time. Therefore, capturing this information must be part of your strategy. 

In the case of B2B there is a notable difference in how we obtain this information, for example end consumers are captured above all through online forms offering private content  and buttons on web pages (call to action), while in B2B they also charge face-to-face actions such as events or fairs are very important. 

4.Work on your email marketing strategies 

What would you think if I told you that a company can capture business 24/7 and 365 days a year? 

Through marketing automation this is possible, implementing optimized and effective email marketing campaigns in which your prospects receive personalized content informing them, for example, of news about offers, products, services and other topics related to your company that may be of interest to you and meet your needs. 

Remember to always take into account the Buyer journey of your potential client and of course your current client, since this nutrition must be done with a deep knowledge of their points of contact and moments of truth, so that they can have an exceptional experience in everything your purchase process. 

With these tips, it is time for you to accelerate visits to your website and get more customers, also improve company communications, generate in users the need to buy your product, gain online visibility and improve prestige and reputation. 

Do you have another B2B strategy that works for you? I would love to read them, because you never finish learning!


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