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4 min read

What is HubSpot and why is the best CRM for your company?

4 min read

What is HubSpot and why is the best CRM for your company?

Setting up and establishing a business has never been simpler, but growing a business is the real challenge. Where once short-sighted strategies were successful, now these are useless and irrelevant for attracting customers. Persisting with mass mailings and advertising without separating your customers from the rest of the world, forcing every deal you find without methodologies that support your business and believing that growth at the expense of your customers will continue to be a trend, is a scenario that will not be feasible today.  

The truth is, it wouldn't work in a world where those customers have every certainty that their options are sufficient. These problems are all too common, which is why improving your customer relationship management should be a priority, as a CRM: The ideal platform for customer management 

This becomes truly relevant when you realize that word of mouth takes power in the decision-making process of your customers. In an ideal world when the customer is happy and refers to your company everything seems like paradise, but if not, you will lose them and after all they will tell everyone about it. When you realize this, you become aware that your business cannot continue to use impermanent tactics and instead you must start investing in the customer experience. As a case study in this blog, we will now take a closer look at HubSpot.

In this blog you will learn about: 

  • What is HubSpot? 
  • HubSpot Scope and Integrations 
  • What are its differentiators? 

What is HubSpot? 

HubSpot Logo

There is no doubt that investing in improving the customer experience is extremely important. But you're probably wondering: where to start? That's where a CRM (customer relationship management) comes in. HubSpot is a CRM platform that drives business growth by attracting, converting, closing, and delighting customers using the Inbound marketing methodology. HubSpot is also one of the leading CRMs in the market. 

HubSpot is composed of a central marketingsales and service module, and a powerful CRM in the cloud for free, HubSpot is responsible for providing companies through powerful tools, properties and integrations, all the necessary resources to implement their different methodologies and business strategies, boost their potential and thus strengthen the growth of your company in a more efficient way through its system and omnichannel experience. 

Since its creation, HubSpot started out as a software for Inbound Marketing  What is inbound marketing and how to apply it successfully in 2021 and sales focused on supporting companies in attracting visitors, converting customer leads, and closing sales opportunities and thereby contributing to your company by guiding you through the implementation of inbound marketing strategies in your company's monthly and yearly planning processes. This gives your salespeople more time to spend on generating meetings with those leads and thus increasing the growth of your business with more sales. 

HubSpot Scope and Integrations 

HubSpot Connect

HubSpot's robust platform has hundreds of scopes and integrations to demonstrate in a single blog, but we can demonstrate and exemplify the most essential ones, but first let's start by understanding the purposes of its CRM. 

The platform has been created with four strategic purposes that must be considered for its implementation, which I like to define as "The Fourth Aces of Success of HubSpot CRM" which are the following: 

  • Adapt to your business model: HubSpot has demonstrated throughout its trajectory that it can adapt to a wide range of methodologies and business models such as: Inbound Marketing par excellence, Design Thinking, Agile, Lean Startup, Customer Experience, among others. 
  • Consistently increase the productivity of your teams: As we expand on in our CRM: the ideal platform for customer management blog, in the case of HubSpot as a robust CRM allows a company to automate its processes. This helps any organization enormously. 
  • Expand your customer segmentation and loyalty: HubSpot can segment contacts within broad databases whether you own a small or large business and regardless of whether your customer is B2C, B2B or handles both. By adapting HubSpot with methodologies focused on inbound marketing and customer experience, the platform has extensive resources to manage the relationship and loyalty of your customers. 
  • Accomplish the long-awaited omnichannel: With HubSpot you can manage and administer all the activities of your business. With its CRM you can manage your customer contacts, generate prospecting processes through automation tools such as email marketingcalling and use of sequencesworkflowslead management, among others that will simplify tasks and increase the chances of selling your company and not to mention the large amount of statistics and analysis that you can study on the performance of each of the business activities that your company performs every day. 

As far as HubSpot integrations are concerned, HubSpot currently has more than 800 integrations available within its App Marketplace.  It is worth noting that HubSpot has 3 different types of Marketplaces: 

  • App Marketplace: Aimed at integrating applications with your company's environment). The vast majority of these have already been acquired by HubSpot, which also makes their adaptation extremely user-friendly and simple within any account, regardless of the type of license your company has. 
  • Asset Marketplace: This Marketplace has more than 3000 free and paid themes, templates and modules for blog, email, website/landing pages available for your business using Pro licenses. 
  • Solutions DirectoryHubSpot has a Marketplace aimed at those businesses that have created their HubSpot business account and wish to acquire the services of partners that provide services on the platform. 

What are its differentiators? 

HubSpot is a CRM that can certainly be adapted to any type of industry and company, it is extremely robust in its action from: 

  • The wide range of property customizations, it can generate for contact, ticket, business, company, and product information properties. 
  • You will be able to create through the resources offered, the possibility of designing your Buyer Personas and the customer journey of each of them through the inbound marketing methodology. 
  • It strengthens the customer experience through growth strategies such as Account-based Marketing (ABM) with which both marketing and sales cooperate in implementing their customer experience management strategies in highly personalized ways that are targeted to those high-value accounts they have jointly identified. 
  • Generation of lead qualifiers or Lead Scoring, with which you can qualify each prospect and buyer persona that you have as a contact within the platform and with this focus the time to give the respective follow-up to those best qualified leads and customers. 
  • HubSpot also has practical resources such as courses and certifications to develop high-demand professional skills, which you can also use as a platform knowledge tool for the benefit of your company's users, called HubSpot Academy. 
  • It also has a community with the possibility of interacting with other companies, encouraging growth. 

If you feel interested in learning even more about HubSpot, CRM's, how they can help you and which one might be more feasible for your business. Here are some templates that will be useful for you: 


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