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2 min read

Importance of HubSpot reports to measure your goals

2 min read

Importance of HubSpot reports to measure your goals

As in any project, it makes sense to want to measure the results of our efforts, and this helps us correct actions and implement new ones to achieve even better results. It is the same at the company level and the measures that marketing and sales teams make to achieve their goals.

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It is customary in a company that reports are made in an excel format. You have to wait until an analyst can translate the results without thinking that it becomes challenging to read when we need to understand them and apply them to the objectives. HubSpot facilitates this process through customized reports and a friendly visualization. This tool allows you to link your CRM contacts, companies, and businesses with marketing, sales, and services data.

Hubspot's flexibility allows you to gather different data into a single metric to design dashboards with executive-level data, with the option for your team to better track your customers.

What is an attribute report for?

Simple, would you like to know all the interactions your customers have during their journey? An effective way to use attribute reports is to use attribution models on the materials and interactions that make sense for your business. 

Atribution report_Hubspot


Types of attribution reports

In HubSpot, it is possible to create three attribution reports with different conversion metrics. We'll explain them below: 

  • Lead creation attribution reports: help you understand which marketing efforts have effectively converted to more new leads.
  • Business creation attribution reports: These understand which marketing efforts result in more new business (You must get marketing Hub Enterprise).
  • Revenue attribution reports: Promise to understand which marketing efforts result in the most earned revenue (Available in Marketing Hub Enterprise).

Together, these attribution reports allow you to visualize the impact of marketing efforts from a bigger picture. For example, you could consider creating your reports with a funnel model and distributing them according to your objectives.

Create reports with the custom report generator

Imagine that one of your customers wants to get specific data that you have not been able to see with any other tool, such as: how many leads have you been able to convert in the last year, campaign results, lead qualification through automation, user interaction on your website, marketing activities, sales, among other goals. With Hubspot's custom report generator, it is possible to analyze all the data sources your CRM has implemented. This means a lot of value for your business and, therefore, for your customer.

How to create a custom HubSpot report?

You don't require to be a professional in the tool to generate your reports. You must be clear about the results that make sense to analyze and help you improve processes, configurations, and even creating content for your buyer persona. You only need to follow the following steps:

1. In your HubSpot account, go to Reports > Reports.



2. At the top right, click Create custom report.



3. In the left sidebar menu, click Custom Report Generator. The data source options will appear on the right.


4. Select report data sources: select the Hubspot data sources from which the report includes data.


5. Add fields to the report: select the property, event, and specific activity data to report on.


6. Customize report filters: set limits for the fields you have added.


7. Configure the report display: choose how you want the data to be displayed.


8. Save or export the report: make sure it is available for you and others to view, or export it to have offline data.


Read more: What is HubSpot Service Hub, and what are its tools? 


Sales reporting and performance management

Your business needs the team to have a complete view of metrics and results in an easy and detailed way to guide the performance of their efforts on sales goals successfully. With HubSpot, leaders can combine fully customizable sales reports with analytics to get real-time team performance updates, business status changes, and detailed pipeline data.

Ask questions with your sales team regarding unique cases your company is going through, which are necessary for creating customized reports that help you estimate the likelihood of reaching your goals.

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