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3 min read

Case study: HubSpot implementation at CASIO UK

3 min read

Case study: HubSpot implementation at CASIO UK

You may have heard about the era of social marketing. If you haven't, I invite you to read on and learn how CASIO UK made it part of its marketing proposition.

Probably by now, at least 100 million people 😜 know what CASIO company does, but let me tell you a little more of its history.

In 1946, CASIO company was founded by Kashio Tadao and his three brothers. Their main goal is to create original products that can be used daily. That's how, 11 years after its foundation, the first all-electric compact calculator is introduced to the market. After its first product, the company has continued to grow, becoming one of the world's leading manufacturers of consumer electronic devices with several subsidiaries, including the UK subsidiary.


Here is where the story of Takao Takeuchi begins and how he brought Casio UK into the era of social marketing. When Takeuchi became the Senior Marketing Manager at CASIO UK, he was looking for a significant change in the efficiency of their strategy. This change was called Inbound Marketing, in short, getting people to find you with valuable content instead of being intrusive in the sale as it was done in the old days. The team was taking its first steps with the methodology, but they needed to include something significant: the software.

They had been working with custom-built software that didn't meet the team's needs, and although they had marketing automation platforms, they felt they could have been more challenging to use or gave them efficient metrics. They needed a change, a platform to heal those pain points, simplify their inbound marketing strategy and improve communication between the marketing and sales teams.

In 2016 everything changed, surfing the internet for digital marketing inspiration, and thanks to a real example of inbound marketing in action, Taka discovered HubSpot's software.

"HubSpot's software was the best alternative to our capabilities and needs. It was elementary to use, which was important as we needed to get up and running quickly."

That's how they started the HubSpot implementation. The first step was migrating data from Eloqua to their new CRM. Taka mentioned that they had a ton of data that needed to be cleaned up, but the Hubspot team helped set up the software in just four weeks.

The next step was for the team to use HubSpot. CASIO has B2B and B2C divisions. Before HubSpot B2B leads were lost in limbo when transferred to the sales team, the marketing team found it challenging to focus on their activities. The B2B and B2C buyer journey needed to be correctly visualized.


>>What are leads, and why are they essential in inbound marketing?<<<


CASIO UK results using HubSpot and Inbound Marketing.

With the implementation of HubSpot, salespeople and management began to have full command of what was happening with each lead. The marketing department knew where they needed to guide their efforts and demonstrate the ROI of their work thanks to tools such as Marketing Analytics and Reports. In addition, the marketing team mapped out the buyer's journey they so desperately needed, creating landing pages that included simulators, FAQs, user guides, and video tutorials, and of course, had calls to action (CTAs) and forms to encourage users to share their personal information, all from a single platform.

After getting the customer to enter the first step of the journey, CASIO has been able to get them to venture on this path laid out by the marketing department through relevant emails based on their interests.

From June 2016 to January 2018, CASIO's UK subsidiary increased its sales leads (cold leads) by 495%. Every time the marketing department sent its contacts a Newsletter, the visits to the website increased by 90% for a couple of days afterward, and open rates reached around 40%.

>>How long does it take for an Inbound Marketing strategy to yield results?<<

In addition, lead quality improved thanks to creating relevant CTAs for each Buyer Persona. These leads drove sales for CASIO UK, increasing their revenue by 9% and 26% for the calculator division.

For CASIO UK, HubSpot was the best solution. The so-called HubSpot Growth Stack, a combination of Marketing, CRM, and Sales software, is an all-in-one solution, being the same easy to use and with exceptional support. The team had an instant access point to help and advice for technical and methodology-related questions, something other solutions should have offered. In addition, the team had HubSpot Academy, which allowed them to learn more quickly about using CRM.

Casio and HubSpot's partnership is something Taka is keen to continue, and he has already recommended the platform to market colleagues in other companies.

HubSpot's software would allow us to nurture our leads throughout the funnel and refine our strategy based on factual data.


Senior digital marketing manager

Casio UK


If you are searching for a CRM that meets your expectations, such as Taka, we invite you to book a free consultation with us. We'll be happy to help you find the best HubSpot plan that works for your business.



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