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2 min read

Adobe Commerce: Features that will transform your online store

2 min read

Adobe Commerce: Features that will transform your online store

Do you know what the main features of Adobe Commerce are and what advantages it has over other competitors? In this article, I will show you the functionalities of Adobe Commerce that can help you with the most important aspects to consider when developing an online store.

Functions of Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce incorporates sophisticated features to create enhanced B2B and B2C shopping experiences:

functions_Adobe Commerce

>>What is Adobe Commerce? Boost your presence in e-commerce<<

Sell anywhere

Solution for multiple brands: Allows you to manage all content, products, digital experiences, and audience of multiple brands from a single platform.

Mobile focus: Progressive Web Application (PWA) provides excellent experiences and helps increase interactions, sales, and revenue.

Integrated B2B functionality: Allows you to deliver customized B2B shopping experiences with personalized catalogs, pricing, and self-service customer portals.

Decentralized commerce: Users can create and deploy seamless shopping experiences across channels and devices in an agile, fast, and flexible way.

commerce_Adobe commerce

Management and distribution

Great user experience: This platform is equipped with an intuitive interface that allows any team member to perform tasks quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Page Builder: The team can create and launch new engaging shopping experiences without relying on developers, thanks to the drag-and-drop function.

Product recommendations: Uses artificial intelligence to provide product recommendations based on buyer behavior.

Dynamic search: Offers quick and intelligent search results based on queries, thanks to its AI-based and machine learning-powered search tool.
Inventory and order management: Facilitates determining the nearest location to fulfill orders and meet customer expectations across channels.

In-store fulfillment: Allows e-commerce customers to buy through any device and channel and choose their preferred order delivery method.

PWA Studio: Users can quickly and cost-effectively create progressive web applications to improve conversion rates and boost SEO positioning.

Customer account management: Centralizes order details belonging to different sales channels to ensure faster and smoother interactions.

measurement and optimization_Adobe Commerce

>>Value and implementation of sites, stores, and views in Adobe Commerce<<

Measurement and optimization

Business intelligence: Simplifies business monitoring and management with visualization dashboards that provide valuable data for customizing interactions across channels.

Reporting and visualizations: Allows you to turn e-commerce data into graphical reports and save them in customized dashboards.

extension and assistance_Adobe commerce

Scalability and technical support

Cloud services provisioning: Users can conduct their cloud-based service operations by accessing the latest software version.

Storage and data management: Includes a cloud data warehouse where all data is hosted to facilitate their management and control.

Optimized performance: Offers a reliable AWS-based environment with high scalability and maximum performance to provide the best user experience.

Security: Ensures the security of consumer data through an updated system that protects against current threats.

Expanded functionalities: Utilizes extensions and APIs to enhance platform features, introduce new ones, and integrate with other systems with minimal development time.

PCI compliance: Offers integrated payment gateways that protect customers' payment card information.

ERP integration: Can integrate with ERP systems to synchronize inventory, orders, consumer data, and shipment details between both systems.

>>How to create a catalog price rule in Adobe Commerce<<

Adobe Commerce, with its focus on selling anywhere, allows you to manage multiple brands from a single platform and provides an excellent mobile experience through the progressive web application. It also stands out for its great user experience, with the Page Builder feature facilitating the creation of attractive shopping experiences without requiring technical knowledge.

The platform also offers measurement and optimization tools, such as business intelligence and visual reporting, that enable users to gain valuable insights for customizing interactions across channels. Furthermore, Adobe Commerce ensures the security of consumer data, complies with PCI regulations, and offers ERP integration for efficient synchronization of inventory, orders, and customer data.

With its comprehensive set of features and advantages, Adobe Commerce is positioned as a complete and reliable solution for those looking to develop and manage online stores successfully and efficiently.

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