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Customer experience: CX Design and its benefits

As a general concept, customer experience refers to the opinions and/or perceptions a customer has about a brand or company based on one or multiple interactions they have had with it. It encompasses various aspects such as purchases, social media, physical stores, customer service, and products.

However, contrary to what one might think, it doesn't only involve a single touchpoint with the company but extends from the moment the customer first interacts with the brand to any post-sale service for a product and/or service. For this reason, companies must consider all these perspectives if they want to acquire new, consistent, and loyal customers.

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>>How to improve the customer experience with the value proposition?<<

Now that we understand what it is, let's explore the importance and benefits of a good customer experience design. Customer Experience (CX) Design, also known as the design of the customer experience, is based on understanding the customer's needs and requirements. From there, possible solutions are designed to ensure a satisfactory and even ideal customer experience.

Benefits of CX Design

Increased customer satisfaction: As mentioned earlier, CX Design is created with the desires and needs of customers in mind. If we create a CX Design that meets their expectations in terms of ease of access, service agility, and many other aspects valued in the design throughout the entire cycle, customer satisfaction will improve. Additionally, by understanding what customers are looking for, we can direct our design towards the buyer persona who is genuinely interested in the product.

Enhanced competitiveness in the market: One of the challenges that brands face today is staying competitive with other companies, constantly innovating with their products, and, in this case, customer service. A well-designed customer experience offers the advantage of standing out from the rest, making customers choose that particular company over others solely based on the experience provided.

Added value to the product or service: Related to the previous benefit, customers would prefer our product over others solely based on the customer experience. It means that there is value being added to the product that is not inherent to it, but is relevant to the users.

>>How to measure customer experience?<<

Opportunity for improvement: As the current customer experience process is analyzed, potential improvements are identified and implemented. Moreover, we are not only talking about CX itself but also about the product and/or service. By understanding the needs and expectations, the company can identify its deficiencies, propose improvements, implement them, and even add new products of greater interest.

>>How to be successful in Customer Experience Design?<<

Variables that influence CX:

Customer service: Providing excellent customer service throughout the entire customer interaction process is always important since it forms one of the first impressions that people have. This includes aspects such as employee attitude, problem resolution, efficiency, among others.

Social media and marketing: Nowadays, marketing is heavily reliant on social media platforms, where products are easily showcased, and website accessibility is facilitated. It also provides a simpler means of communication between the company and the customer, as customers value straightforward service accessibility. Hence, social media and marketing play a significant role in shaping the customer experience and can affect people's perspectives. It is important to use and manage social media platforms effectively and to have a well-executed marketing strategy to retain existing and potential customers.

Customer Journey Map_Imagineer

Moreover, from these two aforementioned points that influence the customer service experience, other aspects can be derived, such as product quality, problem-solving efficiency, communication, and many others. In summary, several factors need to be considered to improve the customer experience, and this can be achieved through effective CX Design.

In conclusion, based on the analysis conducted earlier, we recognize the importance of customer experience for a company and its usefulness in enhancing customer experiences. Furthermore, it is not solely beneficial for the customer but also for the company itself. CX Design provides a diagnostic framework that allows for improvements, new product development, and better service, resulting in customer satisfaction and attracting future customers. Additionally, it helps us consider factors that can influence the customer experience that were previously overlooked, with some of the most important being customer service and marketing.

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