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Omnichannel in your marketing strategy

Nowadays, it is necessary that our marketing strategies cover different channels to communicate with our buyer personas or prospects. But, do we know how to do it? Have we asked ourselves which is the best buying process and which channels or devices we will use to measure the results of our marketing campaigns?


To answer these questions, we must first be clear: What is omnichannel? We can say that it is a communication strategy that helps us to maintain direct contact with our customers or prospects through software that allows us to connect different channels, such as social networks, email, website, applications, among others. This way, it compliments the communication and effectiveness of a message to a digital strategy.


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What’s the difference between omnichannel and multichannel?

The market is constantly changing over time, so have the different forms of communication and, as strategies, the use of tools of communication between our customers and our services or products. However, it has nothing to do with the number of channels used.



The creation of a multichannel strategy allows you to interact with customers through multiple communication channels. In the field of logistics and sales, a multichannel strategy implies that the consumer can purchase your products or interact with the supplier through different platforms. When a strategy is multichannel, it encompasses different channels, both online and offline, such as: mobile applications, social networks, blogs, websites, email, television, postal mail, newspapers and magazines, physical stores.



This methodology is based on focusing on the customer. Providing the interaction of prospects with our brand from different channels, through a homogeneous experience. That is, facing the need to adapt to new technological tools, companies are forced to accelerate their digital transformation, using omnichannel strategies, companies must define their buyer persona and then must generate a customer journey.

This means having an unbeatable customer service that generates an experience that motivates the customer to buy.

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Omnichannel benefits

One of the implications that the generation and execution of an omnichannel strategy requires is the coordination of content and teamwork. Once implemented, it facilitates and streamlines the work, such as: branding, productivity, higher conversions, information gathering.

 But, what are the benefits for our customers?

The fact that our customers have greater flexibility of communication by moving from one platform to another without any interruption is certainly an experience that the user needs.


How to create an omnichannel marketing campaign

When we plan an omnichannel marketing strategy, we create consistent messaging, visuals and positioning statements across channels, platforms and devices. This helps us create a seamless brand experience for customers by ensuring that your brand is presented in the same way across all platforms.

We should keep in mind that omnichannel marketing campaigns, could also have a positive impact on your sales and service departments by showing customers that you are on all the channels and platforms they are on, they will know to expect a similar experience for their shopping and customer service experiences.

The first step is to start your website and social media channels.

An omnichannel experience is a process that could take time, and that's because your brand doesn't necessarily need to be everywhere at the same time. Make sure you are constantly posting and interacting with users who communicate with you through those channels.


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Solve for the customer every step of the conversion path:

Ideally, when creating a strategy and content, it should have a conversion path, according to the best practices of Inbound marketing methodology. This means, it's not just about your company getting more visibility or you making more sales, although those are definitely tangible benefits of establishing an omnichannel strategy. But it's also about making sure your customer has a smooth and easy experience all the way to the final purchase step.


The right message, to the right person, at the right time:

 For each stage of our conversion path there must be quality content that helps our prospects move to the next stage. That is, generate content for the discovery, consideration and decision stage.

Each of these stages can be applied to any marketing funnel, regardless of source or channel.



HubSpot's CRM

The CRM offered by HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing automation tool. Meaning, it's functional and flexible to adapt to your business needs. Whether your focus is to increase sales, increase leads, improve customer service or create a website. The HubSpot platform consists of five modules that could be of great help to your business and customer management: Marketing, Services, CMS, Sales and Operations.


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Through HubSpot it is possible to make our funnel process of attracting and converting leads to your business work together seamlessly. In other words, it is a tool that complements our omnichannel strategy 100%.

We are not far from a world where omnichannel is accessible to brands of all sizes. For the moment it is important that we know the trends in the market, not just to "follow trends" but because it is the new way in which we understand the prospects and in this way we can generate better shopping experiences.



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