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Types of Magento integration with my inventory system

2 min read

Types of Magento integration with my inventory system

Pricing rules help to attract new customers to our site by encouraging them to buy our products.

These are applied based on conditions to filter the products to which the promotions apply. These promotions can be applied automatically or can be claimed with a coupon in the case of cart rules.

A promotion encourages people browsing our shop to buy the product on promotion and also to take advantage of the purchase to buy other products from our ecommerce. 

Catalogue Rules:

Catalogue rules are applied to products before they are added to the cart and their result is seen as the new price for the product.

They can be applied as a percentage or a fixed amount.

Some rules we can create would be:

  • 10% storewide discount.
  • Video: 1. 10% storewide.


  • 10% discount applicable to certain categories.
  • Video: 2. 10% discount category A.
  • 20% discount applicable to certain products (list of SKU's).
  • 29% discount to customer group Employees.
  • Black Friday promotion, the entire shop with a discount of 2000 colones applicable to each product.
  • Video: 5. Black Friday fixed discount.

It is necessary to add a condition to include products to the rule, if no condition is added all products are applicable to the rule.

Conditions can be categories, product attributes, attribute sets, SKUs and I know that one or more conditions are met.

Reglas de catálogo

Cart Rules

These rules are applied after the catalogue and are applied to the shopping cart, in this section they can be applied to the subtotal of the cart taking into consideration other discounts. For cart rules it is possible to specify.

Some types of cart rules that can be applied in Magento:

  • 10% discount when creating a new account.
  • 10% discount for a B category without using a coupon.

Orden de compra

  • 5% discount on selected products when you apply the discount coupon 5%.

Shoping cart

  • 10% discount for VIP customer group
  • 5000 colones discount to the whole cart if a specific product is included.

example shopping cart

  • 2000 colones discount on a product applicable only for 2 products (A third product is not included in the promotion).

descuento a un producto aplicable

  • Buy 10 get 1 free.

Shopping cart 3

For rule conditions it is possible to apply the same conditions as for catalogue rules such as category, attribute set, product attributes as well as cart conditions. 

Among the cart conditions we can find:

  • Subtotal.
  • Payment method.
  • Shipping method.
  • Shipping information.
  • Total weight of the order.
Other conditions that can be included are on the orders placed by the customer depending on the status of the order:

  • Number of orders.
  • Average order amount.
  • Total sum of orders.
  • Total amount paid.
Also on customer attributes

  • Creation date of the client.
  • Client update date.
  • First name. 
  • Last name.
  • Email.
  • Date of birthday.
  • Birthday.
  • Today.
  • In this month.
  • Within one week.
  • Within two weeks.

Important considerations when creating rules:

Priority and discarding subsequent rules.

With Magento we can have several active rules and we probably would not want more than one discount to be applied to our products so in the rules we must take into consideration the priority of the rule and if the rule should or should not discard subsequent rules.

They are:

  • 0 the highest priority.
  • 10 the lowest priority.

For example, if we want to apply a 20% discount to our entire catalogue and a 20% discount to certain products, we must create the rule as follows:

  • 50% promotion.
  • Priority 0.
  • Condition indicating the products.
  • Apply 50% discount.
  • Discard subsequent rule. 
  • 20% promotion.
  • Priority 1.
  • No conditions. 
  • Apply 20% discount.
In this way, when a product falls within the 50% rule, and as it has a higher priority than the 20% rule and is discarding the following rules (20% promotion), only the first rule will apply to the product.

  • The 20% Promotion would not apply.

These are some examples of promotions and important considerations when creating promotion rules that can be either cart or catalogue depending on the promotion and message we want to give to our customers, using promotions is a way to give our customers interest in our brand making us stand out from our competitors by giving those who buy from us different offers for their benefit generating better experiences for them.



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