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3 min read

Importance of Process Automation in each Industry

3 min read

Importance of Process Automation in each Industry

In today's industry, there is much competition in a single sector. Therefore, you must have a better service to succeed and even be better than others. One of the keys to this is automating each company's processes.

Nowadays, the issue of time is significant; the less time it takes to perform a task, the more efficient it is often considered to be. Therefore, automation stops depending on factors that can happen by performing a task manually in an intuitive way. This process allows for generating competitiveness in the market and value for the customer.


Next, we will see topics such as:

-Definition of process automation.

-Examples of business processes that can be automated

-A current successful case of automation

-Consequences of automation


What is process automation?

Many companies manually carry out their internal and external processes, which takes more time and work. Automation is a generation of steps that can be performed through technology. For example, when we enter a page that sells online, we select an item, save it in the cart, make the purchase, and get an email indicating what we bought. When the purchase is made, the user enters the first step of automation. That is, this action is the trigger. After this, some steps and requirements are established so that the email is sent to the person who made the purchase.

Another example of an automated process is the series of purchase steps that a company performs, from the moment the supplier is contacted until delivery can be automated; also, the Chat of a web page, where you chat with a Bot, among other examples.

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Process Automation


Business processes that can be automated

The processes that can be automated within a business are varied, and these depend on the industry, the size of the company, and the objectives and goals. Some of them are: 

  • Tracking the operations of a company: workflows are automated. With this, you could know the person responsible for performing a task, if it was done, and when it happened. Also, it would notify the person who follows the process to start executing their job.
  • Customer service: as mentioned above, the Chatbot of a web page can simultaneously serve many people, clarify certain doubts, and redirect the user to have contact with a natural person if the query is more profound.
  • Management of social networks: You can automate the contact that customers have in social networks, and depending on the topic that they touch in the Chat, they are redirected either to customer service, to a specific department, or even to a section of the website. In addition, you can create omnichannel social networks and contact.
  • Registrations: by sending a form, people internally in the company can register for training, workshops, and events, among others. The type of registration is the trigger for automation, and this leads to information, actions, etc.
  • Reservations: In the case of places like hotels, you can implement the reservation. This trigger could send a confirmation email, and once the reservation date is near, send a reminder email.
  • Contact: On the website, there is usually a contact section, many times, it redirects to schedule an appointment, this appointment is connected to the calendar, and many times a reminder can be sent.
  • Claims: Depending on the type of complaint, it may redirect to a specific company department, such as customer service, sales, or another place, automatically.

These and many other examples show the types of automation that can be implemented in different industries.

 Automation implementation


A current automation success story

The company Amazon is a world leader in customer service. It contains Chatbot automation on the web. When a user has a question about an item, a claim, a complaint, or needs other information, they can go to the Chat on the page. Once he enters his data and enters a bot attends him, it asks him his question, tries to solve it in different ways if the user continues with doubt, and ultimately redirects him to a human being so that he can talk to that person, but this depends on the subject since it turns him to the department that can solve that doubt.

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 Automation success


Consequences of automation

There are many advantages to adopting this practice in the industry today. This acknowledgment helps to reduce the time in which different tasks are performed, reduces operating costs, increases the productivity of workers as they attend to those who need it, and with the automated process, can cover more people. Failures or errors are minimized, and everything happens in real-time. For this, you can use software where all the automation and redirection, emails, among others, can be done.

If a company today adopts the automation of processes, it is included. It is not at the forefront and therefore fails to compete with companies with a modern vision that evolves with its customers and the world.

Importance of Process Automation in each Industry


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