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2 min read

How to start using videos in your marketing strategy

2 min read

How to start using videos in your marketing strategy

We all know that, nowadays, social networks are part of our daily lives and, therefore, everything they entail, marketing strategies, content, infographics, publications and, of course, videos. 

This has meant that, as inbound specialists, we have the obligation to introduce audiovisual content into our digital marketing strategies and take advantage of it to increase leads. It is for this reason that in this article we will talk about how to use videos within your strategy and get better capture the attention of your buyer persona. 

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More than just for entertainment, videos can be used on landing pages, which are able to increase conversion rates by more than 80%, according to recent data from HubSpot. In addition, it mentions that videos help prospects make buying decisions. This is an incredible way for not only companies to market, but it's a new way for our sales consultants to connect with prospects and convert them. 

Table of contents: 

  • What is video marketing?  
  • 4 steps to create a video marketing. 
  • Types of videos 

What is video marketing? 

This type of online marketing tool takes advantage of the use of audiovisual content, which allows us to add them to our campaign strategies. Video marketing consists of the use of videos to promote a product or service, as it has great potential thanks to the growing use of smartphones to consume information and social platforms. 

4 steps to create a video marketing. 

This type of advertising allows for additional social interaction. Videos are the most shared content on social networks and that is why you should know how to use them properly. As we know this type of content demands an investment in time and effort, to achieve a great impact you must first be clear about your objectives.

Follow the steps below to make your video marketing successful: 

  1. Creativity:
    The video you make must be able to fully capture the attention of the users, provoke relevant emotions that will drive them to take an action regarding the product or service. 
  2. Quality:
    The quality of the video does not only depend on a good HD resolution, more than that you need to consider the lighting, sound or in case it is live, be prepared for any unforeseen event. The quality of the video depends on the type of commentary it will receive. 
You should avoid making generic videos, the videos should also be always targeted to your buyer persona and be focused on the action you want them to take. In addition, the video should be reliable and relevant to your segmentation, which helps users to share it. 

video content

Types of videos 

As I mentioned before, it is important before thinking about video marketing, you should set objectives and along with them define the type of video you are going to create. Below, we will see some types of videos to use with our brand: 

  1. Demonstration videos show how your product works, whether it is a software demo, cleaning products, among others, if you perform the action of how to use it. In this way, the viewer will have an idea of the function of the product you are proposing. 
  2. Interviewswith experts
    Capturing interviews with internal experts or opinion leaders in your industry is an excellent way to build trust and authority with your buyer persona. 
  3. Educational or instructional videos
    They can be used to teach your audience something new or develop basic knowledge to better understand your business and your solutions. They can also be used by your sales and service teams while working with customers to facilitate conversion processes. 
  4. Live video
    This type of video offers viewers a special behind-the-scenes look at your company. With this format you can broadcast interviews, webinars, presentations, and live events, through which you can encourage viewers to participate and take part. 

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Knowing how to make good video ads can make the difference between your business and the competition. Plus, with social media slowly gaining more traction over sites like YouTube, having a good social media video marketing strategy really matters. Not only does it help attract more people to your brand, but it also helps keep them engaged for longer periods of time, this helps achieve your ultimate marketing strategy goal. 



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