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4 min read

What is HubSpot Service Hub and, what are its tools?

4 min read

What is HubSpot Service Hub and, what are its tools?

Discover HubSpot's service module, tools, how they automate the service team and improve the customer experience.

HubSpot is a CRM that has multiple management modules and tools that help companies and organizations to automate their business areas, is achieved, through its omnichannel attributes.

In this blog, we will address one of the main customer management modules, the service and support module. Regarding this module, we will analyze the following aspects: 

  • What is HubSpot Service Hub?
  • Service Hub Tools: Customer management elements: Tickets, Feedback Surveys, Knowledge Base, Customer Portal.
  • The Ways Service Hub enhances customer experience.

What is HubSpot Service Hub?

HubSpot is a powerful CRM that consists of five softwares within its system. The Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and the Operations Hub. Each of these software is responsible for managing all areas of a company's business.

From the generation of personalized content, the CMS Hub, the marketing automation in the Marketing Hub, the automation of commercial management, and the sales team in the Sales Hub. The unification of apps and business process automation through the Operations Hub, and last but not least, customer contact and service management through the Service Hub.

HubSpot's service module has a wide range of tools that will help your company to automate, not only customer service and customer experience but also streamline your service teams and provide them with tools that will personalize the service, they offer indirectly helps sales teams increase sales.

These can be understood by understanding how your tools operate as follows: 

Service Hub Tools: Customer Management Elements, Tickets, Feedback Surveys, Knowledge Base, and Customer Portal.

The Service Hub software divides its functions into four tools: Which are, the service flow channel, the feedback surveys, the knowledge base, and the customer portal. 

Let's start with the service flow channel, which can also appear under the name of tickets

What are tickets? 

Every time a customer writes to us, asking about our products or services, information about our company, with the intention of buying, contacting an advisor, etc. In each of these business areas, what they do, is generate a ticket. 

HubSpot is an omnichannel CRM that offers different options and channels to our service team to obtain track and respond to tickets generated by leads and customers to our company. The ticket generation options and channels offered by HubSpot are the following: 

  • Forms. 
  • Consultations and conversations through web chats (live chats and chatbots).
  • Queries and conversations through Facebook Messenger.
  • Generating tickets through emails.

Once the lead has sent us their queries, requests, complaints, or claims, HubSpot will channel them as tickets and send them to the service module to its service flow channel, where the service teams will follow up and respond to these requests. 


The logic of this "channel or pipeline" operation is according to the business rules defined by your company.

Each ticket moves through columns that we will call stages, which the teams will manage. Each stage has rules or conditions which demand the executive the steps to be done with the next stage until the process is closed or finalized.

If you want to know more about the other service management elements that HubSpot offers for this module, I invite you to read our: HubSpot: Powerful Customer Service Management Software 

What are Feedback Surveys?

Feedback Surveys are one of the elements that automate the work of our service provider to improve the customer experience. Feedback Surveys are a tool available for Service Hub Professional and Service Hub Enterprise licenses. 

The core functionality of HubSpot's feedback surveys is to understand customer satisfaction levels with a product, service, or experience. Your company will be able to survey and contact your customers to get feedback on the experience they have received from your company and additionally personalize the interaction with the customer. 

It is possible to send it in two ways: 

  • By email. 
  • By displaying it on one of your web pages. 

When creating opinion surveys within the service module, HubSpot offers four types of survey options: 

  • Create a feedback survey from scratch. 
  • CES surveys, or support surveys, help us get feedback from customers about their experience with the technical and support assistance provided to them.
  • Satisfaction surveys: This survey helps us get feedback on a customer's experience with our company.
  • Loyalty or Net Promoter Score surveys: These surveys give us a broader perspective about the customer's opinion about our brand and your product in general.

Loyalty or Net Promoter Score surveys_HubSpot

What is HubSpot's Knowledge Base?

HubSpot has a helpful portal within its system that provides knowledge, step-by-step technical guides, tips or manuals on how to use its modules, tools, general and specific queries about the platform and its different management software. This portal is known as the knowledge base.

This portal classifies information into nine pillars, which are the following: 

Like opinion polls, the HubSpot knowledge base will only be available in your company's HubSpot environment if you have one of the following licenses: Service Hub Professional or Service Hub Enterprise.

With the knowledge base, your company will be able to create articles, guides, or manuals regarding how to perform processes, procedures, purchases, or service requests, which would be of great help and value to your leads or customers when they want to make any of these requests.

What is the Customer Portal?

As part of HubSpot's new product updates, one of them is the Customer Portal. This tool, available in Service Hub Professional or Service Hub Enterprise licenses, is designed to provide a resource for companies to enable customer portals, where customers can manage and diagnose their service experience. 

Customer Portal General Settings_HubSpot

This tool offers high-value benefits to your company, such as: 

  • Configure and enable a portal for customers to help them control their experience without the need for code or developer resources. 
  • Create a channel between your support or service team and the customer. 
  • The customer can gain access to your company's knowledge base from a portal simply and quickly. 
  • Enforce customer trust with the brand.
  • Task reduction for the service team.

The ways the Service Hub enhances the customer experience

HubSpot's service module is undoubtedly an important piece that every company needs as part of its business gear. This as it substantially improves the customer experience in the following ways: 

  • HubSpot's omnichannel makes the intake process of all your customers' requests or inquiries traceable. 
  • It supports and provides tools that automate the process of your service teams.
  • Centralizing all the information of your customer or lead will relieve the actions of your service teams. Therefore improve the customer experience by providing an optimized, highly personalized, and efficient service. 

If you are interested in learning more about HubSpot, how to automate the process of your service team, through the use of methodologies focused on customer experience, schedule a meeting with our team at Imagineer.


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