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2 min read

Create your own infographic with these simple steps

2 min read

Create your own infographic with these simple steps

Have you ever wondered why is it that an infographic catches your attention?

According to studies by Neuromarketing.la, a person's mind can more easily retain a visual and diagrammed content than one written in pure text and that is how children learn to differentiate colors, letters and recognize a process of association between icon and word.

 For an inbound marketing strategy creating visual content for people is very important, but the question arises, what do you need to make a good infographic with good content?

Today we bring you the key points to start with the development of your own infographic:


1. Collect all the information:

Keep in mind what type of information you want to show because depending on the data there are optimal ways to view it, you just have to choose the correct way, for example; If you have data such as events by dates, it is very likely that you will have to use the resource of a timeline where you illustrate important moments or if, on the contrary, you need to provide statistical data, you need a graph scheme.

A very important point when collecting your information is to verify the veracity and respect the copyright of the same, because however you are showing your content, you could also expose yourself to penalties from the engines search if you don't follow copyright guidelines. And to tell the truth, there is nothing better than nourishing yourself with fresh and original content.


2. Define a target audience:

According to this you will be able to identify what you need because, think about it for a second, would you design the same for children in elementary school learning about numbers as if you had to present an infographic in a medical conference on the learning curve of children in elementary school? Now if you define that your target audience can be children or adults depending on the segmentation you have chosen, so you should look for ways to show your information, for children nothing too complex with facts and figures, but something more intuitive with colors and illustrations; for adults, you will probably need SHORT texts and statistical data.

Remember that you can mix graphic forms of how to organize your information, the secret is in how to enhance each of the resources you use as a set and not as separate pieces.


 3. Layout:

Create columns to order all the content, and the easiest thing you can do is create rows and columns to locate the different elements that you are going to place in the infographic, this will allow you first, to find a balance between the elements and second, to be able to count a story with your information to be able to carry a common thread in which the viewer is able to mentally retain the aspects that you are explaining. Also remember to divide the topics into sections, for this you can help yourself with color blocks, dotted lines, arrows, among others.

When you start reading an infographic, what is the first thing you notice: colors, titles, illustrations or fonts. The truth of the case is that a harmonious color palette adapted according to the theme is especially important, to be able to capture the attention of the viewer and achieve your intention to convey your message.

You should also order the titles according to their importance and their function within the infographic, to those of greater relevance you can give more emphasis with the use of its bold version in any typeface and give a font size from largest to smallest, for example 24 pixels for the main and secondary titles in 18 pixels but for the body to be used regularly in any typeface family.

If you were interested in the content and want to learn more about how typography is an important medium for your infographics, get to know it in the following content.



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