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2 min read

Why Magento Commerce is the best option to create your online store

2 min read

Why Magento Commerce is the best option to create your online store

In the market, there are many options you can use to create an online store. You must know very well what your challenges and needs are, as this will facilitate the choice. If you have already done this analysis, it is time that you know what Magento Commerce can offer you!



Magento is popular for having a good search engine positioning. You can control SEO from the product catalog, automatically creating a page every time an SKU is uploaded to incentivize search engine traffic.



The responsive design of Magento is prepared so that it can be accessed optimally from any device. Magento adapts to phones, PCs, and tablets, which is one of the best practices for customers to access without limitation.



Magento can be used in small, medium, or large companies, which means that this platform can grow with you. You can create different stores located in different places and it has B2B and B2C modules, among other benefits.



Magento has strong security levels such as permissions and programmable user roles. Updates are constantly published to ensure the optimization of the platform. The security requirements of the payment gateway comply with international standards for handling this type of information, according to the GDPR Law (General Data Protection Regulation).



Efficient Content Managing

Magento has an extremely complete content manager (CMS) with which the site’s image can be kept updated.



With this platform, you can integrate with any third-party tool since there are many open-source modules available for which Magento is prepared. From an ERP, the store is integrated into the operational processes of companies such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, or Amazon.


Filters and Searches

You can program customer navigation through various categories and filters depending on your strategy. The idea is to have a well thought out structure so that customers can easily find anything they need and Magento makes this goal very achievable.


Purchasing Process

Customers want their shopping experience to be simple and quick. Magento makes it easy to add items in the shopping cart while still viewing the catalog and it reduces the steps necessary to make the payment. It also makes the forms simpler, which provides greater fluidity to the process.



Magento is excellent when it comes to loading speed, therefore, it improves the customer experience. It is also able to manage catalogs with thousands of SKUs with hundreds of orders per hour, so it guarantees that you can grow hand in hand with the platform.


Open Source and Enterprise Version

Magento has an open-source edition that allows a small company to have access to the platform without incurring high costs at the beginning. The developer community can access the code and adapt the functions to the needs of each client. Depending on the size and volume of the eCommerce, the Enterprise version allows you to have support directly from the manufacturer.


In Imagineer, we have experience implementing Magento Commerce in its two versions, so we can advise and support you in creating an online store strategy with one of the best technologies in the world.




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